Visas and Rain – Bring it on!

London is getting so much closer! 57 days left on the countdown!

Right now my focus is on school – I have one final and two projects due soon that I’m working on. The end of the semester is always a little stressful, but I’ll make it through (hopefully).

As I’m finishing up finals and projects for the semester, I’m beginning to work on my UK visa, which is quite a lot of paperwork. My internship is officially certified by the UK and I’ve filled out the application. All that’s left is to get my fingerprints done and send it off! Fingers crossed they let me in!

After I make it through the visa process, my next step is packing and finalizing all the details. I’ve ordered my official Londoner coat, a great London Fog trench/raincoat (thanks Mom!) and will be ready for any weather now! It’s gonna be a chilly 40-60 degrees all 3 months and raining over half the time. Nothing like Texas weather!

About two weeks before I leave for London, I’ll be spending three days in Florida with ACT at the National Professional Development Conference. So that brings my grand total of airplane rides to 6 for the month of January. The Dallas airport and I are gonna be best buds by the end of the semester.


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