Packing is really hard.

Right now, I’m beginning to pack for my trip. I have to fit 3 months of clothes into one (okay, maybe two) suitcases. It is quite difficult to narrow my entire closet down to what I want to wear for the next three months… I don’t even know what I want to wear tomorrow! I’ve gone through my work clothes and sweaters and have come up with a whole box full of clothes. Uggggh. Why is this so hard?

I’ve been using several blog posts to help me in packing, including these from Travel Fashion Girl, Simply Taralynn, and Buzzfeed.

Since I’ll be at my internship 5 days a week, I’ll need a lot of pieces that can work as professional/dress clothes. My favorite pieces in my tub o’clothes right now are some black cigarette pants, like these from Old Navy and these pants from TJ Maxx. I also have just about twelve (dozen…) cardigans in neutrals and jewel tones, like this pretty emerald green sweater from NY & Co.

My casual wardrobe will probably just be skinny jeans, sweaters and a few cute tees. I only have one dress packed for now, but I rarely wear them here, so I might not add any more. I’m looking for one or two good knit dresses that can double duty as business and casual. I’m also on the hunt for a good white dress shirt, but for me those are hard to come across without extensive (and also expensive) tailoring. (I’m 5’0″ and 100 pounds. I can still wear kids clothes. It’s not as fun as it sounds.)

I’m also planning of taking 3-4 pairs of boots, 3 pairs of flats, a pair of oxfords, and my black Vans. (I’m a shoe-lover, I admit it.)

I’ll post the finalized packing list once I figure out exactly what I’m taking!



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