It sure rains a lot in London.

Hello everyone! I have spent the last three days getting lost in finding my way around London! Here’s a little recap of my adventure –

Friday morning, after packing the biggest suitcase you’ve ever seen, my parents took me to the San Antonio airport and dropped me off for my first flight. I had a short little trip to connect in Dallas, where I got on the GIANT plane that would take me across the ocean. I talked to a nice man from Nigeria who was traveling on business while we waited to board (the flight was delayed by at least 30 minutes).

I spent the next nine hours crammed in my little window seat on the plane. Most of our flight was through the night, so you could see lights from the cities, which I thought was pretty darn neat. But good luck trying to sleep in those tiny seats! I got a couple hours of very uncomfortable sleep, which doesn’t really help at all.

We landed at Heathrow at 8 am on Saturday and the weather was terrible. We had circled around and flew over the city, but you couldn’t see anything because of the fog. Luckily, by the time I got through customs and into the taxi, the rain had taken a break.

I took a taxi to my housing office to pick up my keys, but was feeling a little bit adventurous, so I decided that I would take the tube the short two stops to my apartment. Normally, that would be a quick journey. But not with all that luggage and only a (poorly drawn) paper map telling you where to go. By the time I made it to my flat, I was exhausted. I unpacked everything and immediately took a (well deserved) nap.

The best thing about my flat is that it is walking distance from work and some shopping. Other than that, there isn’t too much exciting about it. We have one bathroom and a small kitchen, the heat works, the water is warm, and my bed isn’t too uncomfortable. It may not feel much like a home, but it will work.

I have started to get a hang of the tube (London’s subway system). I’ve rode it into Leicester Square Saturday night to meet Laurie, a friend of my mom’s co-worker. Leicester Square is in Soho, an area known for its entertainment, and was quite an adventure for my first night out. London is definitely a different world from Jourdanton or College Station!

On Sunday, I took advantage of my lack of commitments and slept off my jet lag. Later in the afternoon, I made my way back into the city to meet my advisor at Charing Cross Station. I took the time to walk through Trafalgar Square, which might be one of my favorite things I’ve seen in London (since I’m a history nerd and wrote a whole term paper over Admiral Nelson.)

Today was my first day of work, which I walk to, and it was bitter cold outside. But I’m very excited about the projects that I will be getting to work on and the people I’ll be working with at Let Me Play, so a short cold walk isn’t too bad.

My first few hours in London were a little rough, between difficult travel, my flat, and not knowing where I was or where to go, but I’m slowing falling in love with this city. I love seeing all the old buildings and the history that London has and can’t wait to keep exploring!


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