Internship Weekly Reflection 1

Knowledge I hope to gain from this internship:

Coming into this internship, I didn’t realize just how much the company did. It is a sports company, so they put on sports camps for kids, but they also have a heavy hand in education. They put on summer schools, transition camps, and classes for “NEET” students, or those “Not in Education Employment or Training.” They use sports as an educational tool for these. I am interested in learning much more about this company and the role sports can play in education. I also hope to learn more about how to put on, market, and sell these sports camps or classes, which I could come across in my career and would be a valuable skill to have. I know that youth events and education is an important topic for clubs and teams that want to have a positive community outreach program, so I hope to be able to use what I learn at Let Me Play about sports and education in my future career.


Skills I hope to gain from this internship:

I want to learn more about marketing, especially for the sports industry. There are many techniques, strategies, and practices that I don’t know, except for Googling them, and I want to learn how to put those to use effectively. I also want to improve on my people skills. Coming into this internship, I don’t know anybody, especially since I moved across the ocean to come to work. I hope to meet new people and build new relationships, both personal and professional ones. In the past, I was reluctant to get close to people I worked with because I was uncomfortable with conversation and always had friends or family near to talk to. But in London, I don’t know a single person, so it is important that I make friends or contacts. I also know that professional networks are important and positive connections will benefit me for the rest of my life. I also want to focus on being adaptable. I have always considered myself to be adaptable, but I have never been in a situation where the culture is so different. By watching the people in the office and following their examples, I am learning more and more about their work culture and the English culture and trying to adapt to it.


Possible career opportunities in this company/industry:

I know that the sports industry is hard to get into, so I hope that having international work experience will show employers that I am ready and qualified for their job. I think that any internship or professional experience is beneficial because you learn business and office skills that are transferable to any position. I’m looking to pursue a career in the sports communication industry, especially in media or marketing, so I hope that this internship will lead me into a similar job. I think a marketing position like this one will help round out my resume and my skillset, so that I will be able to handle any communications job that is handed to me.


Personal goals for this trip:

I hope to be able to take the knowledge and skills that I’m gaining from this internship back with me and put them to use in my career. This experience is challenging me and if I am able to learn from my internship in any way, I hope to use that to benefit my life and future. But I think living in London is the hardest challenge I will encounter, but I know that it is a rewarding experience. It is difficult to be thousands of miles away from home, in a strange city where the culture is entirely different, but it is even harder when you’re living all alone. I hope to explore and experience everything this city has to offer. I moved here for the internship and the chance to explore one of my favorite cities, but I know that there is so much more to my journey here. This trip is about experiencing life and taking everything that it throws at me. Jumping on that plane and traveling across the world by myself for a semester is the bravest and scariest thing I’ve ever done. I know that I will have to take risks like that as I progress in life and this trip is all about learning to make the best of it. While I may be on my own in a strange place and there are so many things that make me want to book the next flight back home, I know that this trip is worth every minute of it. Living and working in London is a once in a lifetime experience and I want to enjoy and live every minute of it. That is my goal for this trip – learn to embrace every moment in life.


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