Weekly Reflection 2

Early self- evaluation: Select three (or more) skills that are important in this industry. In your own words, evaluate yourself in these skills.

Through my experience this summer working with the Bombers and then here at Let Me Play, one of the most important skills that you need in this industry is dedication. The sports industry moves quickly and there are always a million different projects going on, especially at Let Me Play. This industry can wear you ragged if you get caught up in the hustle. From watching and learning from my mentors in these internships, I can see that is their dedication to their cause that keeps them going. I report to one of the Let Me Play directors, Amy, and I see every project that she takes on, because I’m helping her manage all of those projects. She juggles everything and still puts in extra work to see the results she wants, all because she cares about what she is doing. You can come into any job with a strong work ethic, but you really need to get to know the people and the cause you’re working for to really become dedicated. I feel that I have a strong work ethic and by spending more time working at Let Me Play and really learning about the projects and the company’s goals, I’ll be able to find the dedication that Amy and her employees have for youth sports and education in London.

In the sports industry, you interact with a lot of people, especially in organizations like Let Me Play. While most of my time is spent at a desk, many of the full time employees have to sell camps and classes, talk to parents and students, teach, coach, train, meet with clients and businesses, and interact with the public. People skills are vital in this industry, especially sales skills. I know that is one area that I struggle with. I prefer staying behind the scenes, creating the ideas rather than selling them or working on a computer with social media or design. So far in my role, I’ve been behind the scenes, but as I progress in this internship, I hope that I’ll have more opportunities to join or shadow the sales process or get out in a camp or event and meet with people.

In my two weeks of work with Let Me Play, I’ve had assignments from at least 10 different projects cross my desk, each with their own documents and information to keep up with. In this industry, organization is important, or else you’ll get lost in all the clutter and confusion. I’ve learned to organize my inbox and desktop with folders and labels. I’ve started keeping checklists and to-do lists of all the projects and their steps. One of my big responsibilities is making sure all the documents are created and distributed for our transition camp sales. Each school has their own set of documents that need to be updated and organized. At first I struggled to keep up with all of them, but I worked out a system using a checklist, a master file, and personalized folders. Amy helped me get started organizing this project my first few days by sending file names and folder locations when she would send me documents. I picked up on this and adapted it to my personal organization style as I went.

Just as it is important to organize your work, you have to be ready for anything to hit your desk. Flexibility and adaptability was a skill that I definitely picked up with the Bombers, since I did everything from sit in the office and Tweet to pull tarp in the rain. While I haven’t had to haul any heavy equipment or dig in the dirt at Let Me Play, I have worked on a variety of tasks that use different skills and methods. Working with Amy, you’re never really sure what kind of projects she has taken on either. I’ve done things like redesigning training booklets, researching education topics, and creating spreadsheets and presentations.



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