Weekly Reflection 3

Describe your overall experience in your internship so far. What are you most excited about now that you have started?

Each intern at Let Me Play is assigned to a staff member and assists them with their projects. As we become more acquainted with the company and the staff learn our talents and skills, our work will become more specialized. I report to one of the directors, Amy, who has a hand in many different projects.

Some of my projects and responsibilities include updating and creating documents for Transition Camp sales, redesigning and creating staff manuals for Transition Camps and The Challenge, creating presentations, researching and creating content for articles and documents, posting on job boards to recruit coaches and teachers, and helping organize and plan a tour group schedule.

I’ve been really enjoying my work at Let Me Play. Sometimes my task seem menial, like finding prices for hotels or inputting data, but I know that is part of every job and that they are helpful to the staff. I’m looking forward to getting assigned more tasks as summer camps get closer and more marketing opportunities become available. The office is really laid-back and casual and all the staff is very friendly and helpful. It is an office culture that I really fit well in and I’m excited to get to know everyone better, especially the other interns. Most of them are from the US and came over on a work-study program where they intern half the week, and take classes the other half. There is one other full-time intern who is from Italy and I have really enjoyed getting to know her this past week.

So far, one of my favorite projects has been working with The Challenge, one of Amy’s projects. The Challenge is a government funded summer camp for teens and Let Me Play provides the sports practitioners. I’m helping Amy organize all of the staffing documents and applications, which isn’t the most fun work, but I have gotten to redesign the staff guidebook for The Challenge, which I really enjoy. I created a new theme and layout and will begin inputting the new data soon.

A project that I’m really looking forward to getting to help out with is the tour group that Amy is organizing. Right now, I’ve just been researching prices and organizing the data, but Amy mentioned that I might get to play a larger role when the tour group was here in the UK.

Even though I’ve only been with Let Me Play two weeks, I know that I’m really going to enjoy this internship and working with the company. Coming in, I was unsure about working for a sports and education company rather than just a sports team, but I think Let Me Play offers me a wider variety of opportunities to explore than a sports team or marketing firm would. It’s nice to know that the project you’re working on is making a difference in a kids life and creating a better community.


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