Comedy, love, and a bit with a dog.

Oops, I forgot to do my blog post for last week – so here it is! Better late than never, right?

After successfully surviving my third week of work (which included wrangling small children at a talent show), I spent the weekend taking in the shows and (window) shopping!

I bought the cheapest ticket I could find for the Saturday afternoon matinee show of a play called Shakespeare in Love, which was playing at the Noel Coward Theatre in the Theatre District of London, just off Leicester Square. While my view was terrible (you get what you pay for) and I spent the whole show leaning on the railing just to see, the play was fantastic! It was based on the screenplay for the movie of the same name (or vise versa, don’t quote me), and tells a romantic and hilarious story of Shakespeare (in love, duh) and how he comes up with the story of Romeo and Juliet, with tons of references to lots of his works (sorry Mr. Chaney, I didn’t understand them all.) AND ITS NOT IN OLD ENGLISH!

I spent some time in the Leicester Square area that afternoon as well, where I found M&M’s World, a bookstore that sold only travel-related books and maps, and a “Very British” clothing store called Jack Wills. Alas, another store out of my price range, but I may have fallen in love with their pink and houndstooth trench coats.

It started to rain (it does that A LOT in England apparently), so I hopped on the tube and headed home.

On Sunday morning, I ventured out to the Old Spitalfields Market in East London. The market has a ton of stalls and vendors selling clothes, jewelry, food, sweets and other handmade goodies. One of my favorite vendors was the hat guy – his booth featured various fancy felt hats, like top hats and bowler hats. I strolled down the road a little ways, following the crowd and found a giant store that sold vintage clothes and accessories. They had everything from the 1920’s to the 1990’s. A little further down was another market and this one featured food vendors from all corners of the world. I didn’t venture too far into the food world, but I did try Korean BBQ’d chicken, which was pretty tasty!

I’ve noticed that the London food scene is a lot more cultural than you would find in Texas. Middle Eastern, Indian, and Asian foods all have a pretty strong market here in London. I’m not too adventurous with my food, but I’ll have to give some of them a try.

The weather this weekend was awful, as I heard it was back home too. It was cold and windy and rainy, especially on Sunday. My left glove was added to the MIA list, along with my favorite beanie, so I had to buy a new pair on Sunday so my fingers wouldn’t fall off.

My final adventure on Sunday night was the laundry. This was my first time doing laundry here in London, mostly because I hadn’t gotten the tokens to run the machine until Saturday. So, if you’re ever going on an extended trip and aren’t sure about the laundry system, always pack extra underwear. Like pack too much and then add a few more extra. I’m glad I did or I might have had to make an emergency shopping trip for some skivvies.

I’m hoping the weather starts getting warmer, so I can do more traveling and not freeze to death. (Does it even get warmer in the UK? I’m not sure.)


Side note: the picture featured above is not mine, obviously. I didn’t have that good of a view. All credit for that lovely image goes the owner.



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