Historically accurate.

One month down, two to go!

I have been in London for the entire month of February and I have fallen in love with this city! I’ll recap my month in another post, so this one will just cover my weekend adventures.

xDSCF0210 xDSCF0211Saturday morning I went to the Imperial War Museum, another one of London’s fabulous free museums, and the best museum I’ve been to so far. They had really great artifacts and extensive exhibits over WWI and WWII, as well as the more modern wars.

xDSCF0219It was really interesting to see the stories of WWI and WWII told from the British perspective, especially the first World War. I remember learning about WWI in school, but we never covered it as extensively as we did the second war. WWI had a huge impact on Great Britain and really changed the way war was waged and the museum did a great job of displaying that. They even had a mock trench for you to walk through. They also had exhibits on life in Great Britain during WWII and the Blitz, secret military agencies in Britain, and an extensive exhibit about the Holocaust.

xDSCF0229They also covered the more recent wars. They had a piece of the World Trade Center and the wreckage of a civilians car that was bombed in Baghdad on display.

If you’re ever going on a trip to London, I would definitely recommend taking a trip to the Imperial War Museum. Its completely free and does a great job of making their exhibits interesting, even if you’re not a history buff!

That evening, I went to have dinner with my friend from work, Francesca, and some of her roommates. Francesca is from Parma, Italy, and her roommates are Italian and Spanish. We had risotto – delicious! – and I brought quesadillas and guacamole, which the Italians loved!

I slept in this morning, then spent the early afternoon cleaning the flat – each room takes a turn each weekend cleaning and this was my first turn at the mop. The sun was out all morning and it seemed like a beautiful day, so I decided to go to Kensington Palace. The clouds started creeping out as soon as I left my flat, of course.

11013011_10203500249524611_8467743233636029133_n 11042974_10203500246604538_3433566053563165591_n11048629_10203500248244579_4709374346785728436_nBut Kensington Palace is a beautiful place! It is still in use as a home for several of the royals – William and Kate are residents! – but you can tour a few of the more historical parts of the palace. The King’s and Queen’s apartments were really beautiful. They had elaborate decorations, painted and carved ceilings, velvet draped windows, and grand fireplaces. There was an exhibit on Queen Victoria, who grew up and lived in Kensington Palace with her husband, Prince Albert, as well as an exhibit on the fashion of Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret, and Princess Diana, with their beautiful, elaborate gowns.

From the Queen’s apartment you could see out over the garden and into Kensington Gardens, which was unfortunately very brown, since spring hasn’t quite kicked in yet. I’m hoping the weather gets warmer soon and I get to see spring in full bloom. (Get it, spring, flowers, bloom? No? Okay.)



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