Weekly Reflection 5

What have you learned so far about the office culture at your internship site? Does this line up with your own vision of where you want to work?

The culture of the Let Me Play office is a very relaxed and easy-going one. The dress code is casual – I can wear jeans to work. Since we are a sports organization, the delivery staff and coaches always wear athletic clothes, even when they come into the office for staff meetings. All of the office staff are friendly and outgoing people. They love to laugh, make jokes (especially at each other), and listen to music. They go out for lunch together and a few have “Nando’s Fridays.” Even though the office is a relaxed atmosphere, everyone is always busy working on multiple projects and treats their work very seriously. Let Me Play delivers camps and programmes to hundreds of students each week and all of the staff work extremely hard to deliver those programmes.

While Let Me Play and the Bombers serve different aspects of the sports industry, they both share a similar culture. The office culture is relaxed and casual, but the work being done is anything but. They work hard in the sports industry to make sure every project is completed, every event goes off without a hitch, that they have made a positive impact in the community, and that every fan and client is happy. While the work is hard and the hours may be long, the sports industry seems to know how to enjoy their time in the office.


I don’t have much experience in an office situation, but I do know that I really enjoy working in an office with a culture like the Bombers or Let Me Play. I feel comfortable and confident in a situation like that, and I’m able to focus on my work, but still interact with my co-workers and enjoy my time at work.  I don’t think I’d do as well in more formal or corporate office environment. To me, an office like that looks stuffy and boring. And you have to wear suits, which I’m not cool with. I enjoy dressing up and fancy a good pair of slacks, but I like to express myself, wear color, and be comfortable in my wardrobe.

From what I’ve seen, the creative industry and the sports industry seem to have a similar style office atmosphere – comfortable and relaxed, but still professional and productive. If my future office is anything like the Bombers or Let Me Play, I will definitely look forward to going to work every day.


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