Weekly Reflection 6

Identify someone who is a mentor for you during your internship. Describe their strengths. What would you hope to learn from this individual?

While I interact with everyone in the office, I work the closest with Amy, my supervisor. I would definitely consider Amy as a mentor during this internship and hope to carry the relationship on past my time at Let Me Play.

Amy is one of the founding partners of Let Me Play and currently serves as director. She’s had years of experience in the industry, especially in sports marketing, and has been leading Let Me Play since 2003, so she knows what she is doing. She is a great leader and really seems to care about and listen to all of her employees. Just today, she spent all day in meetings with members of the education staff just to get their feedback and ideas about the program and their work. She is a hard worker and always seems willing to take on a task or help someone out with a problem.

Amy always makes sure that I am engaged at work and that I always have something to do. There is very little idle time in the office, which for someone who wants to learn as much as possible in a short amount of time, is really crucial. The tasks she gives me are always different and challenge me in different ways. She makes sure to explain the task well enough that I understand how to complete it, but lets me tackle it on my own, so I can really learn how it’s done. Of course, she is always there if I have questions and provides feedback on my work and how to fix mistakes.

Some of the other interns I work with have friends who work in other businesses around London and say that they do menial tasks, like making coffee and printing. One thing I really appreciate about Let Me Play and Amy is that they treat their interns like real employees. Amy seems genuinely interested in what I’m gaining out of my internship and not just that she has extra hands to do her paperwork. The projects she has me help with are important and complex and have a real impact on Let Me Play’s work.

I have never really had to lead or mentor anyone in a work environment, since I have always been the intern. And while I may not be in a management role for some time, I hope that I can pick up on some the skills that Amy has in leading and mentoring people. She has a great ability to focus not only on her work, but the work of her employees and interns as well. She understands the scope and goals of the whole company, has a vision for its future, and can see that in the day to day work of everyone at Let Me Play. I’d like to emulate her work-ethic and passion for her job in my future career. It takes a lot to do what Amy does every day, but I can tell she really cares for her company and the people who work for it.



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