Paris is always a good idea.

At 6 am on Saturday morning, I made my way across London to St Pancras train station and hopped on a Eurostar train bound for Paris! I spent the day in Paris, with a few new friends, and had a great time! Paris really is a beautiful city, but there is so much to see and do, one day is definitely not enough to see it all. DSCF0263London is pretty quiet at 6 am on a Saturday. The first tubes are starting to run and the roads aren’t busy yet. There were a few passengers on the tube, most of them headed to the train station, like I was. Last week I was in St Pancras at 10 am and it was bustling and busy. But a train station at 6 am is not nearly as busy. The shops were just opening and a few trains had just made their arrivals, but there were only a handful of passengers waiting to board early morning trains, like me. 11050187_10203577266449986_2331660882530661512_oI booked my ticket through a tour group called Premium Tours. At the station, I met a few more people going on the same trip. They were from Roosevelt University in Chicago and had spent the week in London as a study abroad field trip for one of their classes. I had anticipated tackling Paris by myself, since I wasn’t sure who else would be on the trip, but I am really glad I made a few friends to see the city with! I spent the day with Kevin, Kelly, and Temo and we had a lot of fun. Our first stop after arriving at Gare du Nord was Notre Dame. We tried to get Metro tickets, but a guy kept trying to scam us into buying fake tickets and the line for the counter was too long, so we ended up splitting a taxi. (Which really wasn’t that expensive at all.) Funny enough, as soon as we got into the taxi, we saw the scammer being chased by the police from the train station. 11050712_10203577279330308_54735448719983275_oAfter a few selfies at Notre Dame (the line to get in was waaaay too long), we walked along the Seine and across the Pont des Arts, the bridge famous for the love locks. From there, we walked into the courtyard of the Louvre with the famous glass pyramid, where we attempted to take some of the classic ‘my finger is on top of the pyramid’ pictures. DSCF0267We then strolled under the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel and into the Jardin des Tuileries, a beautiful garden with fountains and dramatic marble statues. We stopped for lunch and crepes on the Champs Elysees and headed down to the Arc de Triomphe. I never realized just how big and grand the Arc de Triomphe was! (Fun fact, I had to Google most of these places to spell them correctly. French is hard.) 11009129_10203577271050101_4224684981095922348_oOur final stop for the day was the Eiffel Tower. After standing in line for an hour, we went up to the second level and had a beautiful and breathtaking view of the city. Unfortunately, the top level was closed while we were there, but the view from the second level is still pretty spectacular. We then had to race back to the train station and made it just in time for boarding. 11066654_10203577260169829_3950401917599540850_oWe could have gone in most of the places we went to, but the lines were just way too long for us to have done any of them. But it was still great to just see Paris first hand. The buildings alone are amazing to see! There are so many grand and dramatic buildings, monuments and bridges in the city. Like in London, the new buildings mix in so well with the old. In hindsight, I kind of wish I had decided to spend a weekend in Paris, so I could have seen more of the city. Oh well, I’ll just have to plan a trip back to France sometime, right? 😉


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