He’s an Oxford man.

My weekend adventures didn’t start until Saturday, but I’m going to include Friday in this blog, because it was an out-of-the-office day for me! I went with some of the Let Me Play team to a college in Southall for the graduation for three of their education centres! I helped set up and run the ceremony, which was pretty neat. I got to be the ‘tech guy’ for the ceremony. I pushed some buttons and made some videos play. Very technical. But it was neat to get to learn a little bit more about the education side of Let Me Play, which I don’t usually deal with much. Its a really great program for kids who don’t go on to college or work after they turn 16 to get some vocational skills. Obviously the English education system is a bit different than ours, and I don’t really understand it all. But I know this type of program is really popular in the UK and really helps a lot of kids figure their lives out. DSCF0282This Saturday, I made the trek up to the city of Oxford. They’ve got some little college there or something, I’ve heard, so I reckoned I’d take a look. I bought a bus ticket on a service run by the city of Oxford for a mere ₤13. The trip took about an hour and a half and you got a lovely view of the country between the two cities. It was a bit rainy and damp when I got to Oxford, but I made my way from the bus station towards the city center (I just typed that as ‘centre’ and had to correct it to the American version…), where I signed up for a walking tour put on by the visitor’s center. DSCF0306We spent about two hours walking around and saw several of the colleges and got to tour the inside of one, Queen’s College. Oxford University is made up of lots of little colleges, which are where the students live during the terms.  Each one has their own chapel and dining room, along with student and faculty housing. And they are all very old and very grand places. DSCF0283Some were even used to film Harry Potter scenes! They used the cloister of New College, stairs in Christ Church College, and the Divinity School were the ones mentioned on our tour. I had heard somewhere that the Great Hall was filmed in the dining hall of Christ Church College, which was, unfortunately, not true. And the hall was also closed for repairs. I also wanted to see the Divinity School, because I had heard it was beautiful, but it was being used for a private event and was closed to the public. DSCF0292Our tour guide was a very awkward little woman, but she knew a lot about the city and the university, so I got to learn a whole bunch. I learned that Bill Clinton was the only American president to study at Oxford and 26 British Prime Ministers studied there. So did many big names, like Tolkien, CS Lewis, and Lewis Carroll. After my tour, I stopped by the Museum of Science, where they had all sorts of fun (and scary) historical scientific equipment, like vintage cameras, chemistry equipment that looked like it came out of a black and white horror film, original Penicillin cultures, and astrological equipment I didn’t really understand. I also stopped in Blackwell’s book store, which our tour guide said was the oldest bookshop in Oxford, or something. I don’t remember. But it was a pretty wicked little bookshop. For dinner, I ate at Byron’s burger restaurant. Its a more ‘gourmet’ burger place, like a Grub or Smashburger. Boy, was that a delicious burger. I think it took me all of 10 seconds to eat it all. I then washed it down with a chocolate milkshake, because when you go to a restaurant by yourself, no one says no to you ordering a dessert. Since I was in a food coma, I figured now was a good time to head back home. I headed back to the bus and we made our way back to London, which took sooo long because we got stuck in traffic. Today has been a nice lazy Sunday. I got to catch up on some sleep, watch a movie, clean the flat, do some grocery shopping, and I’m just about to catch up on my internship reflections for school. Our time finally changed last night, so we are now on British Summer Time! It doesn’t feel like summer yet, though. I really hope it gets warmer soon. Easter is this weekend and I leave for Dublin early Thursday morning, so my work week is going to be very short. I’m so excited to go to Ireland! I know the next three days are going to fly by so fast. After Easter, I only have three weeks left in London! Eeeeeee!


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