Weekly Reflection 8

What aspects or job responsibilities have you enjoyed the most? What have you enjoyed the least?

Since the company I work for has so many projects going on at one time, I find myself working on bits of each project and really get to see everything that is going on at Let Me Play. I really enjoy that because I have a pretty good idea of the reach of the company and the work is never the same, so it doesn’t become monotonous. I have also been given a lot of projects recently that involve graphic design and recreating or redesigning brochures, flyers or booklets. Creative projects are always my favorite because I find that I can best express myself through creativity and design and I rarely get bored when designing something. This week, my project was to take a picture of a flyer from a previous camp and recreate it for a new set of camps. I was able to use my graphic design skills to essentially duplicate the flyer from scratch, experimenting with different fonts and colors. This is a kind of challenge I really embrace and enjoy.

Some of my least favorite projects have all seemed to be more administrative tasks or the tasks that were least engaging. While I knew they were necessary to the completion of a project and needed to be tackled, I always find myself moving them lower and lower on the to-do list. One of my more recent projects was creating student and tutor booklets for summer school programs. In this project, I wasn’t redesigning the booklet, just editing the information. I had to go through dozens of tedious steps, from reformatting the whole booklet several times to writing detailed learning objectives for each activity. I have no experience with education, so this task was difficult for me. It definitely challenged me and pushed me to work outside my comfort zone, and I learned a lot from completing it, but I would not put it on my list of projects I actually enjoyed.

I have also found there are some projects that I don’t necessarily enjoy, but I use as a ‘break’ from difficult or challenging work. One example is organizing the records of candidates for the position my supervisor is hiring for. She has created a binder full of CV’s and documents, neatly sorted and organized. I help her to keep up the binder and make sure the matching Excel spreadsheet is up to date. I have also been creating contracts for the candidates she hires. These tasks are not as challenging, so it gives my mind a chance to rebuild after a particularly difficult project, but I’m not idle. The task requires attention to detail, so I’m able to stay focused on work without getting burnt out on projects like editing long documents.



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