There’s No Place Like Home.

This past week was my final one in London. After my final goodbyes at work, I got to say goodbye to the city of London.

Friday morning, I finished packing my bags, checked into my flight and killed a little time in the Hammersmith area doing a little shopping. That afternoon, I wandered around central London, from Westminster to Trafalgar Square to South Bank.

I did a little filming for a vlog (video blog) that I will be using as an entry to BUNAC’s contest to win a internship trip to Australia to work as an correspondent on their work abroad programs. Filming videos in public is a little weird, especially when it looks like you’re talking to yourself. But I think I got enough content to make a pretty good entry!

I grabbed a pie for dinner on South Bank and then headed into Leicester Square to catch Avengers: Age of Ultron! The movie came out in the UK almost two weeks before the US release date, which is this Friday. It was a really great movie, but since no one in the US has seen it yet, I can’t talk about it without ruining the movie for everyone.

I headed home and went to bed, resting up for a very busy day of traveling on Saturday. I woke up around 7 am and took my very heavy checked luggage to Heathrow, since bag drop doesn’t open until a few hours before the flight. After getting the bags checked, I headed back quickly to my flat, grabbed my last two bags and turned in the keys to my flat. I had thought that 2 and a half hours would be plenty of time to run back into the city for just a second.

Apparently, I was wrong. After sitting in panic on the tube, I arrived at the airport at 11:01, made it through security at 11:16, and onto the airplane at 11:29. My flight left at 11:50 and the plane door closed about 5 minutes after I got there. So I was cutting it a bit close.

Besides my morning jog through Heathrow, my journey was smooth sailing. I spent the next 10 hours on the plane watching movies. I probably should have slept but planes aren’t that comfortable and to me it was still mid-day.

I landed in Dallas around 3:30 Texas time and had to go through customs and recheck my luggage. I then headed to the terminal, bought a Dr Pepper, called my mom, and waited for my last flight home to San Antonio! I left Dallas around 7:30 and touched down in San Antonio an hour later.

I was home! I was greeted by a very happy mommy, my grandparents and brother. After picking up my luggage (I made Ian grab the heavy suitcase), we all sat down to a late dinner and talked about my journey in London. Before I started to fall asleep on the table, we headed south and after a quick stop at the fire station to say hello to my dad, I was finally able to sleep in my own bed for the first time in three months.

It feels so good to be with my family and be home in Texas! I definitely missed everyone and will be reuniting with all my College Station friends soon. I do miss London a bit and had such a great time there, but there really is no place like home.


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