Put me in summer and I’ll be a… happy snowman!

Hello Internet friends! I’ve been a little MIA for awhile, so today is just an update on my life and current events. I’m working on creating some actual blog-y content, but first, summa school y’all.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASince my last post, I have made a trip home to watch the young one (little brother, Ian) graduate from high school! All the family came down for the weekend. We had a graduation party Friday night, then spent the day out at the missions in San Antonio on Saturday before heading out to the high school for graduation, which went pretty swell. Except it rained on us during the ceremony. And of course, we all sat there in the rain while they finished graduation. That will be a memorable graduation for everyone fo sho. Little brother is now headed to Texas Lutheran in the fall to play football – Go Ian!

20150530_131713While at home, I went up to the fire station to watch dad and his boat team get interviewed by NBC News! Dad and his crew just got back from making rescues all across Texas after the flooding, especially in Wimberley.

I had to then quickly skedaddle back to College Station because summer classes started that following Tuesday. This summer I’m taking Media Writing II and PR for my major and a short KINE class, self-defense. This is the first time I’ve taken summer classes and they definitely feel a lot different than normal semester classes. My KINE is only 5 weeks long, so it is already flying by quickly. PR is all online rather than in class like it would normally be, but Writing is in class, but the prof is super chill. The only downside is I have to be in class at 8 am Monday thru Thursday for the next 10 weeks. Yaaay. (Much sarcasm.)

20150602_205542This time last summer, I was just about over my head in running a ballpark at my internship with the Brazos Valley Bombers, so this summer might actually be a lot less stressful, even with classes. I did spend a night out at the ballpark, but I got to sit and enjoy a whole baseball game for a change. I met some of my former intern friends for the Bombers opening night to watch our boys pick up their TCL Championship rings – I even got one too! Let me tell you, that is the largest ring I have ever seen. My mom thought is was funny that I got a championship ring before my brother ever did.

Snapchat--782430913920039764120150604_142916Thursday night we took our roommate, Peyton, out to dinner to celebrate her 22nd birthday! That next day we got to play “find the pony” out at the barn. Ashley’s horses had found the hole in the fence and decided they wanted to explore the 2500 acres behind the barn. After sending in a search crew the next morning, the ponies were found and are now grounded by their very very very worried mother.

Ashley is off to take her LSAT next week and I should be starting a new job soon! I have been offered a position with TAMU Transportation in their marketing department as student worker extraordinaire. Okay, so the job title is just student worker, but I think it needed a little embellishment.

Until next time, lovely people! Hopefully I’ll have some time to create some more blog-like content once I get into the swing of summer school.




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