live in the sunshine. swim in the sea. drink the wild air.

Hello all! I have finally finished with my summer classes and have time to waste  spend on the internet! Yaaaay! So I’d like to share a little recap of my lovely summer with you! I’ll try and keep it short and sweet, since I’m covering nearly three months in one post.

First – I went to summer school!

This summer was the first time I’ve taken summer session classes. I took self defense for my health class during the first session, which was so super fun. We got to learn some really cool and useful self defense tips, like how to kick and punch and escape different holds. I highly recommend that everyone takes some sort of self defense training in their life.

I also took two classes for my major over the whole summer session, Media Writing II and Public Relations. In the writing class, we focused on different types of writing, like features and writing for broadcast or radio, etc. My PR class was a really good intro into the industry and basic writing assignments, like a project proposal and research memo. You can see some of my work from the summer in my portfolio!

Now that I am finished with my summer classes, I only have my fall semester between me and graduation! This fall I’m enrolled in a couple of sports management classes to finish up my minor, statistics (ugh, it’s required), and a social media class! I’m super excited about the social media class, because I really really love digital/new media. I could see myself pursuing a career working in social media and such, so I’m really looking forward to learning more about it.

I got a new job!

This summer I also started a new job! I work in the marketing and communications department at Texas A&M Transportation Services. It’s a really great job and I love everything I get to do there. I work with bus advertising, helping process and fulfill contracts, and have even designed a few banners. I do a lot of graphics and ad creation as well for our new app and have gotten to work a bit with the social media.

I went on vacation!

I traveled with my family to Puerto Rico for a long weekend trip! We stayed at the El Conquistador Resort in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, on the northeastern coast of the island. It was some much needed relaxation time in the sunshine with my family.

On the trip, we hiked through the El Yunque National Rainforest and saw a beautiful waterfall, explored the town of Old San Juan and the old fort, and got rained on at the beach on Palomino Island. Ian and I tried to kayak in the ocean (well, Ian actually did pretty well and I did not) and it started raining while we were halfway back to the shore. Other than a bit of rain, the trip was really fun!

I went to Ag Media Summit!

At the end of July, I traveled to Scottsdale, Arizona for Ag Media Summit, which is a conference for ag media professionals and a joint meeting of a few ag media industry organizations. I went as a member of Ag Communicators of Tomorrow, the student group for the industry. At the conference, we had business meetings for ACT, attended sessions that taught us new skills, went on an industry tour, and got to meet with a lot of industry professionals! I wrote a paper about the conference for my media writing class, which I’ll post in my portfolio, if you want to read more about the conference!

I saw my favorite band live!

This past weekend I got to see 5 Seconds of Summer live in the Woodlands! They are my absolute favorite band and they are really great live. I took Ashley with me and we had a lot of fun at the concert, even if we were some of the oldest fans there. You can bet I was singing along just as loudly though!

I also saw Garth Brooks live earlier in the summer thanks to my friend Peyton! She took Ashley, our friend Peyton G (I know, two Peytons, confusing) and me to see his concert in Houston and we had a great time. Garth Brooks is a really great performer and can definitely put on a show. He played all his greatest hits, so we knew all the words and sang to them really really loudly. Trisha Yearwood even sang a few songs, so we had to belt those out as well.

And I had some good times with my best friends!

This summer I got to spend a lot of time with some of my best friends! We had such a good summer and made lots of new friends and great memories. I can’t believe that it went by so fast, but I’m looking forward to this fall as well. For most of us, this is our last fall in Aggieland before we graduate and move on to our next path in life, so we are definitely going to make the best of it. After all, I graduate in only 129 days!


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