Class Is In Session

Hello all! This week was my last first week of school! I started my official senior year here at Texas A&M and I am set to graduate on December 18 with my BS in Ag Communications and Journalism! Whoop!

20150831_073505This semester I am taking 13 hours of classes. My last required core coursework class is statistics, which I’m not necessarily looking forward to, but it’s the easiest statistics course A&M offers, so I should be able to get by. I am also finishing up the required courses for my minor, which is sports management. I’m taking a seminar in sports history, governance in sport and sport sociology. All three of these classes are online, so they require me to be pretty disciplined with my study schedule. (I think I’m going to make a blog post with how I organize my class work… stay tuned!)

My final class for the semester is the one I’m most excited about – social media! We really get to deep dive into social media in the course, covering everything from strategy, audience analysis, how to use platforms, building brands and personal profiles. Our major projects for the semester are brand case studies, building our own LinkedIn profiles and creating a social media strategy for a “client!” I’m really excited about this class because I love love LOVE social and digital media and really hope to make a career out of it.

Speaking of careers – I have sent in my first job application for a big kid job! I applied to be a social media coordinator for Spurs Sports and Entertainment. EEEEK. I don’t think the application has been up very long, so I haven’t heard anything yet about the next steps. I hope I don’t jinx anything by saying this – but I think this would be the perfect job for me. I’ve looked at plenty of job descriptions and plan on applying for many more openings, but this job really just seemed to fit me. I’m pretty excited to see what happens next. And also a little scared. Adulting is hard.

I’ve also now been at my current job with Transportation Services for a little over two months and I absolutely love it! I’ve gotten to get out of the office a little recently working some resource tables and meeting people at Gig ‘Em Week. Our app has updated and a lot of our promos and ads for the app have been published, which is exciting because I made/edited a lot of our print and digital ads! One of my most recent projects was creating a set of big banners with all the information about our app to take to football games and events.

P.S. – you can download our app if you plan on heading to College Station this year for an event, like my graduation! It’s called Destination Aggieland and it’s available for Android and iPhone for free!

I plan to keep y’all updated with my very busy fall semester and stay more active on my blog. I’ll share updates on my job search as well!


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