Social Media

Transportation Services

June 2015 – May 2016

Football Season Twitter Schedule 2015
Football content calendar with sample tweets that I created to track activity on all three Twitter accounts during football season.

Twitter Analytics – Get To Aggie Game
Analytics report of the @GetToAggieGame Twitter account during football season (August – October 2015). This report shows which Tweets had the most reach and engagement for the time period. The account is focused on promoting the Destination Aggieland app and getting game information to our customers. Impressions and engagement are two metrics that help us gauge how many people are seeing our Tweets and if we are sharing information they want to see.

@aggieparking Twitter | @aggiespiritbus Twitter | @GetToAggieGame Twitter

Brazos Valley Bombers Internship

May 2014 – December 2014

Facebook Engagement and Reach Report – Summer 2014
Analytics report of Facebook posts on the Bombers page from June 2014 to October 2014. This report covers which three posts from the Facebook page had the highest reach, lowest reach, highest engagement and lowest engagement. This shows what kind of content performed better than others, such as photos, videos and exciting events.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Fusion Radio Social Media Strategy (Fall 2015)
Social media strategy created for an on-campus, student-run radio station.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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