“Ag Media Summit” ALEC News
Feature story written for a class assignment  published on the department website.

“Bombers Fall 3-2 to Victoria Generals” KBTX
“Bombers Headed Home After 6-2 Win Over Acadiana” KBTX
“Bombers Shut Out Generals 1-0” KBTX
“Bombers Split Double Header with Texas Marshals” KBTX
Press releases written as an intern for the Brazos Valley Bombers published on the KBTX News website.


Write, edit and post blogs for personal site focused on careers and lifestyles for young women

Travel blogs
Write, edit and post personal travel blogs to chronicle my internship in London

Communications Coursework

Audience Analysis (Fall 2012)
Multi Source Feature (Spring 2013)
Media Analysis (Fall 2013)
Publication Request (Fall 2013)
Educational Event Story (Summer 2015)
Ag Business Story (Summer 2015)
Feature Story (Summer 2015)

Public Relations Coursework

Research Memo (Summer 2015) 
Brainstorming Grid
  (Summer 2015)
Public Relations Project Proposal  (Summer 2015)

Sports Management Coursework

Case Study – Oliver vs. NCAA (Fall 2014)
American Football in the UK
 (Fall 2014)


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